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Saturday, 29 August 2015

'Cetengah Cembilan' Team

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My multilingual students: Grace, Rendi, Joshua, Tania, Metta and Sergio

Hello folks, meet my students. They have been taking my classes for 9 months. We have developed a strong bond as friends outside the classroom. Our LINE chat group called 'Cetengah Cembilan' is an improper, toddler-like pronunciation for the actual spelling 'setengah sembilan' which means half-to-nine. Our class always starts at 8:30 p.m. hence the name. 

Everyone in this team is a multilingual person. They definitely speak English and Indonesian, and are learning several languages at the same time. That is why, in line with the purpose of this blog, I think my story about these enthusiastic young people is worth sharing. 

Cetengah Cembilan with additional multilingual members, Joseph, Kevin and Carlos.
Here is some introduction of their names and the languages they speak.

Javanese (native), Indonesian, English, Japanese, Mandarin.

Indonesian, English, Japanese, Mandarin.

Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Korean, German.

Indonesian, English, French, German, Mandarin, Russian (basic).

Indonesian, English, Mandarin.

Cantonese (native), Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Korean.

Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Russian (basic).

Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Korean.

Indonesian, English, Mandarin.

Of all these people, Joshua, Sergio and Metta have fairly interesting language learning stories. Joshua mastered Japanese grammar in 3 months, from Beginner level to Advanced level. Sergio was introduced to French by his mom at an early age, and he continues to crave learning more languages. I can say, Sergio is the younger version of me. A linguistics freak at 17 years of age, Egi or Sergio reads and watch YouTube tutorials on learning less-commonly taught languages and somewhat endangered languages. Metta, born and raised in Indonesia, has spoken Cantonese since she was a baby. She opened up my eyes to the wonders of my first language, Indonesian, with her points of view as a foreign speaker. 


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Hening is a laid-back ENTP (by upbringing) and a solar-Scorpio-and-lunar-Sagittarius (by birth). She believes that thrifting is an art form that helps rewire our brain circuits for the better.


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