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Friday, 2 January 2015

Becoming A Child, Once More

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Sometimes we think back of beautiful memories of our childhood, back in the days when our mothers would read us bedtime stories and when we did not have to worry about having to pay the monthly bills. There's so much thing to do at workplace; responsibilities, assignments, projects and deadlines to meet. In language classes we are taught difficult grammar lessons and a bunch of new words to memorize. Why does adult life have to be so difficult?

What if I tell you that language learning can be as fun as childhood? Here I am going to tell you how you can escape for while from adult life and have fun learning a language in the children's world.

1. Open

2. Look for the meaning of "fairytale" or "bedtime story" or "stories" in the target language that you are learning. I have tried doing this for my French learning; the word for 'stories' in French is 'contes'.

3. Open a search engine and type the foreign word for 'stories' in the search box.

4. A list of websites for children appears in the foreign language that you are learning. You might not understand everything that is written, but it is OK. Just click on those links and see which ones you like. You will visit colorful websites with big letters and a lot of cute pictures very attractive for children.

5. In my experience, is the best I have found so far. The stories in this website are not very long and easy to understand.

6. Some websites have videos of bedtime stories that come with the subtitles, nursery rhymes and song lyrics in your target language. You can practice your reading and listening skills from here. Don't worry about your level of grammar. The grammar and the vocabulary used in the website are not likely to be difficult because their audience are children.

7. Remember this golden rule in choosing which text to use: C.O.M.P.R.E.H.E.N.S.I.B.L.E
If the text you find looks a bit over your level, forget it and get a different text. You must choose a text that you can comprehend, at least 70% of it. If you can guess the meaning of unfamiliar words without consulting the dictionary, it means: that's the right text for you!


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Hening is a laid-back ENTP (by upbringing) and a solar-Scorpio-and-lunar-Sagittarius (by birth). She believes that thrifting is an art form that helps rewire our brain circuits for the better.


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