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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The adverb Memang

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As an expression or an interjection, this word can be used in response to a comment about a fact or an opinion. But as an adverb, memang means a different thing.
INTERJECTION (slang. Emang; Ember; Ya emang, Ya iya lah)

John      : Dude, the traffic on Jalan Sudirman is shit!  [OPINION]
Rick        : Emang.  (I know) (I agree)

Dimmy  : I figured Bali is smaller than Java. [FACT]
Ele          : Ya iya lah. (Yes of course. Tell me about it.)

ADVERB (what one thinks about something) 

Coworker            : My boss told me I can’t resign from this job.
Cowrker 2           : Emang dia siapa?  (Who does he think he is?)

Mom     : Careful with your step. Don’t whistle. Don’t swear. Don’t walk under the ladder.
Son        : Emang kenapa*? (why do you think so?)
*a different intonation of this phrase makes it mean “So what??!!”

John      : I bought this watch in Paris.
Jono      : Memang lebih bagus dari produk lokal?  (You think it’s better than local watches?)

ADVERB (indeed; no wonder)

Saya memang suka seni bela diri.  I am indeed fond of martial arts. 

Jenny cadel, dia memang masih balita.  No wonder Jenny has a lisp, she is still a toddler.


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