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Saturday, 15 February 2014

'Sama' or 'Dengan' ?

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Q: How do Indonesians use "sama" to mean "with" in informal speech?
A: Sama can mean 'and', 'with' and 'to' depending on the context.

Ibu pergi ke supermaket sama Bapak.   cf.  Ibu pergi ke supermaket dengan Bapak.
Mom went to the supemarket with Dad.

Kakak ke toko buah beli apel, nanas, jeruk sama mangga.
My brother went to a fruit shop to buy apples, pineapples, oranges and mangoes.

Jim sama Lisa naik becak ke bioskop.
Jim and Lisa went to a movie theater by a rickshaw

Anak: "Bu, minta uang."
Ibu: "Sana! Minta sama Bapakmu."
Kid: "Mom, give me some money."
Mom: "Go ask your Dad for it!"

Kepala sekolah lagi ngobrol sama guru Bahasa Inggris.
The principal is chatting/speaking with an English teacher.

Sama is a shortened word for bersama (together).

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